Why pay attention to site statistics?

Why pay attention to site statistics?

We have a website to stay connected and give customers a point of contact, but are we really taking advantage of all it has to offer?

Nowadays we have a website to stay connected and give customers a point of contact, but are we really taking advantage of all it has to offer?

At first we could gather basic data like the number of visits, since the more visitors we get the bigger our chances of meeting our targets, but really the possibilities are endless, since stats can show us how users behaved during their time on the site.

With this information we can plan out an appropriate digital strategy and boost our business. In this article we'll try to cover some of the main reasons we should pay attention to our site's stats. 

In other words, try to meet our clients and how they behave in other to improve their experience.

There's hundreds of data inputs we must align with our targets. Why do we have a website? Inform our clients? Generate a first contact? Make a sale? 

Some examples of interesting data:

  • Page views
  • Time spent in each page
  • Direct visits
  • New visitors
  • Returning visitors
  • Visits from different devices
  • Click map
  • Click route
  • Websites that refer traffic to us
  • Keywords
  • Sales and conversions
  • Geography and demographic groups for our visitors
  • Bounce rate

Five key points about our website you need to take into account

1) Know our best content and focus on it

Much of the data previously mentioned can give us an idea of what captivates readers. Are they reading or leaving right away? What kind of content attracts them the most? What kind of content generates more interaction?

2) Improve SEO

SEO is key for our business' growth. The more traffic we get, the more leads and conversions we'll generate. Knowing our users' behaviour lets us create specific content and get better search engine positioning. 

3) Analyze where our visits come from

We can analyze the sources of our visits in order to find patterns and create strategies for boosting them, maybe even thinking of association opportunities we hadn't considered before.

4) Develop site improvements

The World doesn't stop and a website shouldn't be a static element. If we stay the same, chances are we're falling behind.

Are you using your website to the fullest? If not... What are you waiting for?

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