New communication paradigm

New communication paradigm

New communication paradigm with three points of contact, I, We and They, that give brands the opportunity to Talk, Think and Trust

Companies are facing radical changes in communication due to digital media's exponential growth. In this new context, where means of communication have multiplied, they must showcase transparency and multidirectional conversations, giving the audience a leading role.  For this, there's 3 points of contact regarding the new communication paradigm:

I: where the brand sends unidirectional messages to consumers (Talk). For example, mass media such as TV, movies, the press, etc. It's mostly used for brands to provide their audience with relevant information.

We: where there's dialog or interaction between brand and consumer, in these channels the synergy serves as a catalyst for both parties to Think together and raise the brand's value to the consumer; points of sale, customer service centers, etc. 

They: where's there's discussion about the brand by consumers, opinion leaders, competitors or individuals. Sometimes the brand isn't directly mentioned, but what is said affects their course of action; blogs, forums, social media, etc. When the brand provides value to consumers, they gain their Trust in return.

It's a fact that given the advent of the Internet and users' active and massive participation, brands have had to focus on multidirectional dialog present in different platforms. It's no longer about adapting tradicional advertisment for the Internet and social media, but about listening to and observing the average user, making them the focus of every action and message, in a way that also builds trust and brand value.

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