Meet Mailchimp's new Lead Card

Meet Mailchimp's new Lead Card

Starting now you'll be able to add to your list through Twitter's Lead Generation Card.

Starting now you'll be able to add to your list through Twitter's Lead Generation Card. Connecting Twitter to your Mailchimp accounts, attract new subscribers with Twitter's new Lead Generation Card, which works like a Mailchimp form inside a Tweet.

How does it work?

You can create your Lead Card in MailChimp, share it with your Twitter Ads account and add it to a tweet. When people subscribe through your Lead Card, Twitter will send the new information to your Mailchimp list; email address, name, and Twitter user name. 

Details to consider!

1) In order to use this feature, you'll need a paid Twitter Ads account. Twitter Ads is available for every Twitter user with an active account that meets the platform's elegibility criteria.

2) You'll need to connect your Twitter account to Mailchimp in the Integrations page.

3) In the configuration process, you'll be asked to provide a link to your site's privacy policy, as requested by Twitter. If you don't have a privacy policy, link to your website's main page.

4) You'll have to choose a header image (800x200 px)  for your Lead Generation Card, that will be stored in MailChimp.

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