#Make Instagram, Instagram Again

#Make Instagram, Instagram Again

Instagram Users created a movement asking for the platform to go back to how it used to be, and managed to be heard.

After the changes to Instagram over the past year, and how similar to Tiktok it became, a group of users raised their voices against the company's decision to copy a lot of Tiktok's features and leave pictures aside.

This is how "Make Instagram Instagram Again" came to be, and very famous people like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, US Reality TV stars with a huge Instagram following, got on board.

This is a product of the pandemic and its resulting lockdown, when most social media platforms focused on highlighting and prioritizing video format content, somewhat neglecting static pictures. 

The movement was kicked off by photographer Tati Brueining, known for her Instagram account @illumitati. On July 22nd 2022, she started a petition to get the old Instagram back, posting a picture that said "Stop trying to be Tiktok, I just want to see cute pictures of my friends" and signing it "Sincerely, EVERYONE".

The post got over 2 million "likes" and thousands of comments, where many people agreed with Brueining and spoke up against many of the platform's new updates.

The post and the movement got so big that Instagram is rolling some of these changes back, and throughout this year it will try to balance out the presence of photos and videos in the platform.

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