GPT-4 is coming! What is it and when will be released?

GPT-4 is coming! What is it and when will be released?

We kick off the year with great news: a new version of this AI is coming!

OpenAI is a company specializing in developing systems based on artificial services. They recently announced that the fourth version of their GPT series, one of the World's most advanced language models, will be released soon, and they guarantee it will come with considerable improvements over the current GPT-3 version. They also promise to improve their popular chatbot, which has captured users' attention but doesn't always give correct answers.

This powerful tool's main focus is one of the most advanced autoregressive language models. And its features are plain to see: it can hold natural conversations, understand context and generate all kinds of text.

If GPT-3 has blown us all away, GPT-4 as the next evolution of this tool promises a dramatic improvement in functionalities.

This new version will be 500 times larger than its predecessor, which will let it handle a bigger amount of natural language processing tasks. 

It's expected for GPT-4 to generate more advanced texts, of better quality and with improved language compared to the current version. 

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