App Store Marketing

App Store Marketing

When we're ready to launch our app, there's countless options for what to do next: paid ads, email newsletters, content marketing, among others.

The number of apps in the App Store keeps growing, making it increasingly difficult to get attention, which is why in this article we'll go into some points to help us stand out. 

When we're ready to launch our app, there's countless options for what to do next: paid ads, email newsletters, content marketing, among others. But some points are specifically relevant to the App Store.

ASO - App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization is the process of creating and promoting successful Apps and Landing pages in other to be discovered and get qualified leads through the App Store. Everything we do will be crucial to conversion and listing traffic. With Apple we don't have that much control over our path to the consumer, which is why we need to be careful with every aspect of what we can control.

First of all, it's important to keep in mind the types of consumers we'll encounter:

*Early adopters
They make their decision quickly after reaching your Landing Page. They don't scroll too much or look at every screenshot.

They take their time. They scroll and look at every screenshot before deciding to download the app. They're fewer in number, but they tend to be better informed and more involved, therefore it's definitely worth spending time and effort on them. 

First impressions

The App Store is our first Landing Page, everything we present needs to be centered on communicating value, creating expectactions and calling to action.


The name is probably the most important element. Apple allows up to 255 characters, but using them all up is not a good idea. In its analysis, AppBot discovered that the best titles average 36 characters and 5.5 words.

Screenshots / App images

We can upload up to 5 images to illustrate our app's functionalities, so we must use them carefully.  Depending on the profile, take the lifestyle photo approach: showing images of people enjoying the use of our app. 

In any case, the focus must be on showcasing the key benefits users will enjoy with our app. For this we must include little captions about what we're looking at to avoid any ambiguity.

App / Video Preview

In the same sections as our screencaps, we have the option of uploading a short video. While it's obvious it can work in our favour we must also keep in mind the downside: it takes up the first screenshot slot. It's important to know that if we choose to include a preview, it must be short and engaging, communicating value and raising expectations.

Horizontal vs Vertical

We can choose to display our screencaps horizontally or vertically. While it's determined by our app's layout, there's more important considerations that people usually overlook.

If we display them horizontally we'll find that the first lines of text will be immediately below, which can make it easier for early adopters to read them. On the other hand, if we choose a vertical format no caption will be displayed, which can be positive to invite the user to browse the rest of our app screencaps.


Descriptions meet a few key points. First of all, it's the source for indexed keywords and it helps us get found organically. it's important to include important phrases and keywords users might be searching for. 

Advice for making the most of the first impression


There's a fine line between delivering a clear message and repeating it. Our visitors are interested in learning about the app, it's main features and the added value we bring to the table. If these are repetitive, it's likely for them to lose interest or get bored, which is why we recommend differenciating between every screenshot through different messages and visuals. 


Visitors won't spend a lot of time or effort trying to understand our screenshots. By adding short and engaging texts we significantly raise the odds of our message getting across. 


Make your first screenshot the strongest, taking into account that 40% of visitors won't go past the first image. 

In conclusion

  • A better version of our App Store page can double our conversions.
  • 50% of installs will come from people who barely interact with our page.
  • Every element of the page has a key role to play and we most optimize it and diversify the message for each one. 

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